Check Out the Generali Group’s Real Estate Gallery

01 September 2017


Our first thematic gallery draws inspiration from a small photo album from the 1930s found in the archive, which covers 89 prestigious buildings purchased by Generali in the major Italian and European cities.
Check out the images that testify to the far-sighted real estate policy of the Group.
” I required […] that Assicurazioni Generali choose the most conspicuous lots in our major cities to build its headquarters”.

Thus wrote Chairman Marco Besso in his Autobiografia, published in 1925, testifying to the significance of Generali’s real estate policy, the presence of which was also tangible from an architectural point of view in the main cities.
From the outset, and also for the technical reserves guaranteeing insurance policies, the company invested in prestigious buildings located in major Italian and international squares, purchased or built by Generali, which relied on famous architects and engineers for their realisation.