Dec 21

New databases available online

The Generali Archive and the INA-Assitalia Archive have made two valuable new databases available online.

Generali has reproduced and published its corporate magazine, “Il Bollettino”, the oldest corporate magazine still in print in Italy. For now, the database includes the years between 1893-1920 (series I, II and III), and there are plans in place to catalogue later ones in the future. Launched as part of the international outlook of the group, and passionately endorsed as a professional tool for agents and employees by Marco Besso, “Il Bollettino” would grow to play a wider role, becoming a vital voice in the narration of Assicurazioni Generali’s history on a range of topics, from the buildings to daily life in the agencies, all presented with a multitude of articles and photographs of events and people within the Company.

The INA archive is making two new batches of fully digitised documents available to researchers.

Firstly, every edition of the INA’s house organs, from the very first “Il Bollettino” in 1913, one year after the INA’s founding, to those in 1963, its golden anniversary. The various periodicals published over that time period are presented in chronological order until the arrival of the definitive “Cronache dell’INA”, the “technical and informational bulletin” which was a part of the life of the INA and its sister companies from 1953 up until the eighties. Today, these examples of company publications – communication tools between the heartlands and peripheral regions – are an incredibly valuable source of information for a vast range of research fields.

Secondly, the INA’s database of minutes has been expanded with the additional publication from meetings of the board of directors and the standing committee during the presidencies of Guido Toja (1923-1925) and Salvatore Gatti (1925-1929), which allow us to piece together the actions taken by the state-owned insurance company during the critical early years of Fascism.

Discover the new databases of the Generali and INA house organs, as well as the INA’s updated database of minutes.