La cultura. Scrittura e arte per la Compagnia.

Published in 2009, La Cultura. Scrittura e arte per la Compagnia (Culture. Writing and Art for the Company) reconstructs the strong links between Generali and the world of culture and art, a virtuous relationship that is rooted in and grows within the Company itself, and has always yielded good results over time.

The first part of the book contains suggestive portraits of leading figures in the cultural world who have worked for Generali, from Franz Kafka to Leo Perutz, from Biagio Marin to Marisa Madieri. The author of their stories, published in the “Bollettino” magazine between 2003 and 2007, is Claudio Grisancich who, in turn, is a poet and narrator, and was employed by the Company for forty years. Other texts using narratives and drawings are dedicated to those who were featured in the “Letture nel cassetto” (“Letters in the drawer”) insert in the company magazine between 1964 and 1986; they are presented graphically on blue pages.

Two other sections complete the volume: one focused on the great illustrators who worked in the golden age of billboard advertising for the Company (Marcello Dudovich, Achille Beltrame, Gino Boccasile, etc.), the other dedicated to editorial initiatives of particular historical or literary significance, with particular attention to the prize entitled to the memory of Carlo Ulcigrai, editor-in-chief of the“Bollettino” from 1965 to 1992 as well as head of the Press and Public Relations Office. The volume closes in his honour with two poems and two stories printed on blue pages, recapturing the tradition introduced by Ulcigrai, also as a symbol of the ability of the Generali Group to always draw new strength from its roots.

La cultura: scrittura e arte per la Compagnia / Generali. Circolo aziendale; [Group in-house editorial communication coordination; edited by Claudio Grisancich, Annamaria Miot and Roberto Rosasco]

[Trieste]: Generali. Circolo aziendale, 2009 (Pordendone: Sa.Ge. Print) 208 pp. ill.; 24 cm