Who was responsible for making the Generali Group what it is today? What was the vision of the executives who led the company for expanding its business model, until it reached the Group’s current stature? Were there additional ambitions and abilities, which fired the imaginations of the executives and their trusted colleagues? This section provides details of the lives and work of those people in the company who were the catalyst to its national and global success. Among their number were executives, advisers and prominent political figures, but also artists and celebrated cultural figures.

The staff of the Budapest branch portraied in a photograph donated to Secretary General Edmondo Richetti (Budapest, 1899), detail of the female employees

Women in the office: an example of fin-de-siècle corporate engagement

A normal and yet exceptional life, seen through the old lens of a young woman from Budapest, one of Generali’s first employees: this is the story of Flóra Pólya, who worked in the Budapest office, and later Generali’s Hungary headquarters, from 1897 to 1909. Her Generali story is preserved in one of the over 15,000 ...

il Boc advertising pamphlet, cover (1928)

Fragments of a Life Fully Lived: Ugo Pincherle

“A glacial, oppressive silence hung in the air between the married couple, one of those that weigh heavier than any harsh word, seemingly hostile yet merely inscrutable…” This quote could belong to the opening lines of a drama production, one in which the protagonist, in this case Paolo Narducci, is forced to confront a seemingly ...

Giorgio Polli (1862-1942) / Il Bollettino, n. 12, October 1996

Giorgio Polli and the Birth of Generali’s Real Estate Division

“The Management, adopting the suggestion of the Secretary General , in replacing Mr. Geiringer, that his duties be entrusted to Mr. Polli, for a monthly payment of 250 Cr.”, this was the decision made by the Management in December 1904, following the death of Eugenio Geiringer. The minutes of ...

Riccardo Gairinger’s personnel file (1934-1960)

Riccardo Gairinger – A Gold Medal for Services to Generali

“A man of great merit and exceptional modesty, reserved and mild-mannered, admired for his intellectual and moral gifts” is how he was eulogised by his colleagues in the Bollettino, the corporate magazine, after his passing.

Riccardo Gairinger (Trieste 1881-1964), the son of Eugenio Geiringer, was hired by Generali in 1930. According to his ...

Palazzo Geiringer, Trieste (1884-1886) / ph. Massimo Goina

Geiringer & Gairinger. An Engineer with a Passion for Architecture

Eugenio Geiringer’s name features regularly among the documents in the Archive, as he held a vital role in Generali’s property development as a professional consultant.

Throughout his lengthy collaboration with the Company (from at least 1871 until his passing, when he was replaced by Giorgio Polli), the civil engineer Eugenio Geiringer (Trieste 1844-1904) had a central ...

Gino Parin, portrait of Edmondo Richetti, oli on canvas (end of the 1920s) / ph. Massimo Goina

The pacifist Edmondo Richetti

Head of Generali, a native of Trieste and later a resident of Vienna, a visionary entrepreneur, a bourgeois with a noble title, head of the Jewish community, brother of an important member of the liberal-national party, a cosmopolitan citizen of the world, a pacifist, and known to Freud – who was Edmondo Richetti?

To reconstruct his ...