Signatures, seals, ancient writings and other curiosities: in this section, the papers themselves tell their stories. Explore the talking documents of Generali’s Historical Archives, from the handwritten curriculum of Kafka to the Kurrentschrift (Gothic cursive) of many 19th century documents, from precious 17th century manuscripts to the wax seals on early minutes and the signatures of many prominent people on the Italian and international landscape.

Marcello Dudovich, Assicurazioni Generali Venezia advertising poster (1938), detail

A Timeless Sun

The figure of a female farmer wearing a wide-brimmed hat, a big smile on her face, one arm outstretched with a wheat stalk held firm in its grip and a scorching summer sun suggested in the background: a powerfully relaxing and reassuring reminder that the harvest is safe from damage and likewise the associated income. ...

Informative brochure of the space risks technical office, with an image of the Sirio satellite launch (1983)

Insurance… Out of This World!

The space branch originated as an office in the aviation branch, which in turn began life as a section of the transport branch. Generali was already providing the first aviation cover in the mid-1920s, and by the early 1930s was operating an aeronautical branch offering a full service.

In 1960, the company took the bold decision ...

Picture frame from “Io voglio” (1963)

The People in Animation

Two short cartoons to celebrate the 50th birthday (1963) of the Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (INA), entitled Io Voglio (“I Want”) and Una famiglia tranquilla (“A Relaxed Family”). These were part of an advertising campaign for television created by the INA to publicise the launch of two new products.

The advertising cartoon had already been in ...

Adolfo Busi, Tre fate (1950)

INA Stands by You: Vintage Images of a Life-Time Insurance Partner

Who are the three fairies around the newborn’s cradle? Their names are Faith, Wisdom and Protection. Like all fairies, they each wear a different colour: white, red and black. There are three of them, like the Parcae of mythology who decide the destiny of men, an allegory of foresight and destiny. The ...

Transport policy (1840s), detail

Insurance as a Woman. The female figure as an allegory of insurance.

Standing proud and lofty in warlike garb, Junoesque and maternal, regal, unblemished dispenser of gifts or amiable mistress, women in art have always been the primary medium for defining the human experience and human emotions, taking on a multitude of roles with different symbolic meanings. Representations of women have changed over time, but the semantic ...

Celebrations of the Fscist Befana at the headquarters of INA recreational club (Rome, 1930s)

Gifts from Italy’s most beloved witch

The Befana of the Recreational Club: Our last story before the Christmas break is all about the festivities of yesteryear.

The origins of the Befana are shrouded in mystery, but her story goes back centuries. Ugly but kind-hearted, and a friend to the local children to whom she hands out gifts, the arrival of the Befana ...