Signatures, seals, ancient writings and other curiosities: in this section, the papers themselves tell their stories. Explore the talking documents of Generali’s Historical Archives, from the handwritten curriculum of Kafka to the Kurrentschrift (Gothic cursive) of many 19th century documents, from precious 17th century manuscripts to the wax seals on early minutes and the signatures of many prominent people on the Italian and international landscape.

Children leaving for the summer holiday camp in Trentino (INA social club, 1956)

Summer trips (and more) of adults and kids

Photographic archives are always full of unexpected treasures, and the INA-Assitalia Historical Archive is no different.

In the elegant 18th century prose which marked his most famous work, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, the celebrated English historian Edward Gibbon wrote: “Surrounded by imperfect fragments, always concise, often obscure, and sometimes ...

The Summer Holiday Camp of Ca’ Corniani in Caorle (Venice, 1933)

The Summer Holiday Camp of Ca’ Corniani

Children at the Venetian seaside: the final story before the summer holidays relates to the seaside holiday camp for the children of employees of Ca’ Corniani, Generali’s agricultural estate.

First opened at the turn of the 19th century as care homes for impoverished children, the holiday camps in Italy later started being established in proximity to ...

Frame from Case per il popolo with view of the Quadraro neighbourhood of the INA-Casa Plan (1953)

“The city is a big home for a big family” (Leon Battista Alberti)

The neighbourhoods constructed under the INA-Casa Plan (1949-1963), during the post-war reconstruction years, remain an unrivalled example of residential popular housing on a national scale. The Plan, also known as the Fanfani Plan, after the politician and Minister of Labour and Social Policies (1947-1950), and later Prime Minister, who implemented it, passed ...

Chart scale model representing the development of the Life Insurance branch over a century (1929)

Fashion and statistics

The end of 19th century style of commercial communication may perhaps make us smile today, but it reveals a keen awareness of the human soul and a frank immediacy, which have little to envy of the multimedia interaction of our days.

When – like all large companies in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries – ...

The Generali Management at Palazzo Geiringer (Trieste, 1907)

Happy 75th birthday, Assicurazioni Generali!

Achievements should be celebrated, and the 75th anniversary of the company’s foundation in 1906 is commemorated evocatively in one of the most impressive photographs in the Generali Archives.

It portrays a group posed naturally in an elegant room. Printed on a warm background in sepia tones, it was found recently in the “Cella” of Palazzo Geiringer ...

Athletes of the Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro at the Foro Italico (Rome 1935) / Courtesy: Generali Group Former Employees Association in Rome

Muscles in black and white (and on canvas)

A large photo on display in the Rome office of the Generali Group Former Employees Association shows lean and muscular male athletes in white training kit. Their T-shirts display a shield with the legend “O.N.D. Assitalia”, and the photo is labelled “Roma 1935, Foro Mussolini, VII Concorso Ginnico O.N.D.” [Rome 1935, Foro Mussolini, 7th O.N.D. ...