Signatures, seals, ancient writings and other curiosities: in this section, the papers themselves tell their stories. Explore the talking documents of Generali’s Historical Archives, from the handwritten curriculum of Kafka to the Kurrentschrift (Gothic cursive) of many 19th century documents, from precious 17th century manuscripts to the wax seals on early minutes and the signatures of many prominent people on the Italian and international landscape.

Transport policy (1840s), detail

Insurance as a Woman. The female figure as an allegory of insurance.

Standing proud and lofty in warlike garb, Junoesque and maternal, regal, unblemished dispenser of gifts or amiable mistress, women in art have always been the primary medium for defining the human experience and human emotions, taking on a multitude of roles with different symbolic meanings. Representations of women have changed over time, but the semantic ...

Celebrations of the Fscist Befana at the headquarters of INA recreational club (Rome, 1930s)

Gifts from Italy’s most beloved witch

The Befana of the Recreational Club: Our last story before the Christmas break is all about the festivities of yesteryear.

The origins of the Befana are shrouded in mystery, but her story goes back centuries. Ugly but kind-hearted, and a friend to the local children to whom she hands out gifts, the arrival of the Befana ...

INA Casa ceramic tiles (1949-1963)

INA Casa ceramic tiles: a widespread architectural, artistic and social patrimony

Cats, birds in their nest, squirrels, snapshots of family life, everyday household objects, food, depictions of a part of the building, and sometimes even abstract monochromatic and geometric backgrounds… all with the text “INA Casa” appearing at the bottom, either in full or as a monogram. The tiles are smooth, with carved or raised profiles ...

Ivan Rendić, Allegory of Welfare (1886-1888), detail / ph. Massimo Goina

Generali’s “primadonna”. Ivan Rendić’s Allegory of Welfare

“Mr S.. A clean and concise style, with little worthy of mention as regards the aesthetic character, as befits a business environment, and above all a few ...

Il Giuoco del piccolo previdente, detail (1933)

Insurance as Child’s Play

Teaching children the art of saving and welfare: produced in the 1930s by the Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (INA) in pastel shades in a 55×43 cm format, Il Giuoco del piccolo previdente is a true work of art.

Teaching about the importance of savings, this board game was designed for ...

Brescia, planimetry for the Piazza della Vittoria under the temporary name Piazza Martiri della Libertà and indication of the “bombs dropped” (1945)

War stories, testimony from the INA buildings

During World War II, several INA buildings and properties were damaged, some seriously and others less so: bombardments, attacks, battles and skirmishes are alive in the documents and photographs of the War Damages subfonds, a recently reorganised section inserted into the larger Historical Real Estate Fonds.
In addition to the images illustrating ...