Signatures, seals, ancient writings and other curiosities: in this section, the papers themselves tell their stories. Explore the talking documents of Generali’s Historical Archives, from the handwritten curriculum of Kafka to the Kurrentschrift (Gothic cursive) of many 19th century documents, from precious 17th century manuscripts to the wax seals on early minutes and the signatures of many prominent people on the Italian and international landscape.

Axonometric view of Piazza Barberini (1960s)

The INA building in Piazza Barberini disputed in the Fascist era: a journey through archive papers

In 1935 the Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (INA) bought the complex bounded by Piazza Barberini, Via Vittorio Veneto, Via dei Cappuccini (formerly Via Ferrea) and Via della Purificazione, in the Colonna district of central Rome – one of the most evocative areas of the eternal city – for the sum of 350,000 dollars, from the ...

Piero Dorazio, aquatint in 10 colors (1979)

Art in the Archive

In a warehouse at the Rome headquarters in Via Bissolati, a number of lithographs, drypoint prints, etchings and aquatints were recently discovered, plus what appeared to be tempera paintings but, astonishingly, turned out to be silk foulards, beautiful enough to be hung like paintings.

The artworks are held in large folders with the Assitalia logo. Inside, ...

The three Parcae (Budapest, 1903)

Special goddesses

Illustrated albums, illuminated diplomas and other precious objects originally produced to mark significant personal and company anniversaries are now held in the Generali Archive. Unique documents that offer various possibilities of reconstructing the business life and changing tastes of their times.

Among the Art Nouveau works, photo albums, and parchments decorated by leading illustrators of the ...

9th Prize exhibition of the INA-Touring International Student Prize for Painting in the Royal Palace, Milan (1966)

Art and Archive: the INA-Touring student prize for painting

The INA-Touring prize competition for student art was launched at a Bormio (in the province of Sondrio, north-west of Italy) primary school at the end of the 1950s, during a skiing event. It was originally for students from Lombardy alone, but was later opened to students from all of northern Italy. In 1961, 2,427 works, ...

Life insurance diorama (first half 20th century)

Propaganda and life – insurance, that is – on the stage!

“We don’t promote a product, we promote an idea” – the words of Napoleone Giuseppe Fiumi (b. London 1898, d. Trieste 1948), a Generali employee and well-known portrait artist, engraver and illustrator, in a 1941 article published in the company magazine, the Bollettino. His remarks referred to advertising’s social function of “making people think” and, ...

Palazzo Bonaparte / ph. Andrea Artoni

In the heart of Rome: Palazzo Bonaparte

A large envelope containing photographs of mosaics and frescoes and inscribed “Villa Medici Palazzo Bonaparte”, and a small publication (L’INA per il Patrimonio architettonico Italiano, 1987), just two pieces of the great jigsaw puzzle of the Historical Real Estate Fonds of the INA Assitalia Historical Archive – a treasury of drawings, floor plans and elevations ...